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Welcome to the Impossibles website!

Our league, The Impossibles, has been around for 7ish years.  We started playing CoX together at launch but as the game aged our membership kinda dried up.  But after a random facebook reunion, a sub-set of us moved over here to play some DCU while continuing to offer a home for members returing to CoX.

In general, we are very casual.  We play most week nights from 8:30ish to 11ish eastern.  Weekends are a bit more random cause most of us have kids & families (that gives you an idea about our age lol).  We’ve progressed through most of the hard alerts and are looking to add a few more, like minded, players to attempt some raids.  We are moving through the endgame together, and honestly, somewhat slowly.  But we’d rather to work through the game, fail, try again, and succeed then hook up with an established league and blow through everything and then be left with nothing to do but wait for new content. 


Anyway, I feel like our league is somewhat unique in the fact that we value teamwork, concept and ‘fun time together’ over how fast we can do raids, gear-up or other stuff like that.  We also don’t have PvP in our future plans nor do we really RP (other than trying to keep to our characters concept with respect to costumes & powers ).

If you have any questions about our league/guild please post them in the New Members or contact the following in-game:
Uplift, Mr Impossible, Terex, Shangrala or Mantisman

Guild News

Watchtower w/out a Tank, woot us!

Uplift, Jul 12, 11 10:37 AM.

Great Smallville Run!

Uplift, Jul 8, 11 11:15 AM.

Imps can't be stopped!

Uplift, Jul 6, 11 9:57 AM.

Ace Chemicals is saved by The Imp s& Ziffy!

Uplift, Jul 1, 11 1:58 PM.

Smallville Baby!

Uplift, Jun 28, 11 11:03 PM.
*Photo credit to Mr Impossible

Ace Chemicals Complete!

Uplift, Jun 27, 11 11:45 PM.

Best. Poster. Ever

Uplift, Jun 24, 11 10:30 AM.
Well, the Imps took a knife to a gun fight Thursday night and made a run at Kandaq with 7 of 8 players.  Given the team make up we did well!  We made some progress, worked through the problems together, had some fun, enjoyed each others company and looked good doing it.   I think that kinda defines what we are about better than a zomgbbq zerged raid :)


Double Duty

Uplift, Jun 22, 11 10:18 AM.
Double Duty tongiht.  Grats to Mia on her first HA!


Area51 is Secure!...(again) :)

Uplift, Jun 21, 11 7:45 PM.
*Photo credit to Starwind

The Impossibles Are Back!

Uplift, Jun 17, 11 9:43 AM.
The Impossibles Are Back!

It has been a while, but The Impossibles have held another traditional group photo last night in the Watchtower in DCU!

Pictured left to right:
Mr Impossible, Spore Shot, Shangrala, Red Feather, Terex & Uplift
Not Pictured
Knight Shadow, Mantisman & Winterwight

While it's not a group of 60ish like it was in the heyday of CoH, we are back together, fighting the good fight, enjoying each other company and having some fun!


*Photo credit to Shangrala aka Starwind
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